Why Data-Led Companies Will Win the Future

Content marketing can be surprisingly conservative, particularly when it comes to what works and what doesn’t work. Funnels, lead magnets, and avatars are concepts older than Google, if not the Internet itself. We kept doing them because they seemed to be working. Who needs an upgrade to the classics? Now, however, sitting on the sidelines can be a fatal blow.

Why? The simple answer is data.

Smart businesses can leverage data to see where their customers need the most support, find and lead the most relevant conversations, and, most notably, pivot into the future before others can see it at all.

In this current business cycle, companies that aren’t data driven simply won’t make it. Here’s why.

Consumers are more slippery than ever, as the media landscape keeps fragmenting across volatile social media platforms, struggling news outlets, and off-web conversations like texting. Without data, it will become all but impossible to consistently find, engage, and serve new audiences. In fact, data-less companies will face natural attrition with their current customer base. The right data partner can help you know the habits of your potential customers, the evolving normal of your current customers, and the overlap in content marketing that can serve them both.

Audiences also want tailor made experiences, and the more competitive your space, the higher the expectation. Data becomes the flashlight that allows you to see deeper than superficial audience needs. For instance, Onside Content measures both audience engagement and curiosity to identify what they want to interact with and what they wish they could interact with. Called the Likability Index and the Consideration Index, these Onside Content proprietary tools give a road map to the audience’s heart – and makes it easier to make content that feels custom to the audience. 

Data also helps you be more dynamic than your predecessors or even competitors. The information often takes action before the people clearly do. A simple example is if there were strong interest in a particular topic, but the more detailed metrics show that one subtopic is actually now more popular than another subtopic. On the surface, your potential audience is looking for one big idea. Below the surface, though, your potential audience pivoted from one reason to look for the big idea to another reason. Data-informed businesses can then shift their attention from one subtopic to another subtopic before the less data-driven competitors recognize the variance. 

These examples aren’t unique, granular, or nice-to-haves. These are tenants for the next phase of content marketing, if not business in general. 

The wisest businesses can take advantage of today’s unique tech value proposition and stake their claim well before competition. The data-less will have to trust classic concepts to compete in an unprecedentedly fragmented media landscape. 

Unfortunately, the old tools aren’t going to work well in the new business world.

Ready to upgrade your content marketing? Onside Content is your bridge between data-led insights and the untapped audience you seek. Using our proprietary technology, we can help you find, create, and lead the smartest conversations in your space with a bespoke content strategy. We’d love to support! Drop us an email at info@onsidecontent.com.

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