The Future of Content Marketing (No One Saw Coming)

If someone were to ask about the future of data-led content marketing, say, a decade ago, then the answer would no doubt focus on data wells, information parsing, and smart clouds. It was about doubling down on your own servers or farms and collecting as much info as possible on the target market. What many couldn’t see was that tailor-made connections to new audiences didn’t require harvesting your own data, but in leveraging technology that would do it for you. Even better yet, leveraging technology that would help you find the audience you couldn’t see.

We are now in the Blue Ocean era.

Inspired by the classic book Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, blue ocean represents the part of the customer base that is untapped. It is the area where things are clear – like aquamarine water.

The book is decades old, but it matters now because we finally have the elements necessary to consistently and methodically find and connect with the best audience possible. The two elements we have now are artificial intelligence and data-based return on investment.

They allow data-led content marketing strategies to own the conversation before it starts.

There are three ways we can recognize, build, and drive the conversation today.

The first step is seeing where interest is growing, but isn’t being satiated. At Onside Content, we have two proprietary indices: The Likability Index and the Consideration Index. The Likability Index shows where audiences are most involved in topics related to your product or service. Where are they asking the most questions? How are they sharing or liking specific areas? What are they focused on? Even more fascinating is the Consideration Index showing where they are most curious. What, exactly, are they looking for, but can’t find?

This is the beginning of the Blue Ocean.

The second step is building conversations around these metrics. The Likability Index makes their engagement clear and the Consideration Index shows interest. How can we build content that we know they already have interest in? You can then learn the areas that aren’t being served by you or even your competitors.

This is diving into the Blue Ocean.

The third step is driving the conversations in these opportunities. If we know what they are talking about, and we know how curious they are about specific topics, then, over time, we should have a strong idea of what they’ll want to talk about next. It is a magnificent flywheel built metric by metric: We find the kindles of conversation, we stoke those ideas, and then we bring in new ideas to serve the audience in ways they may not have even known to ask for.

This is deep diving into the Blue Ocean.

And, unlike a decade ago, we already have the tools necessary to make data-led content marketing strategies that truly serve our audience, known and yet to be known. 

By finally seeing the audience data you couldn’t see.

Ready to upgrade your content marketing? Onside Content is your bridge between data-led insights and the untapped audience you seek. Using our proprietary technology, we can help you find, create, and lead the smartest conversations in your space with a bespoke content strategy. We’d love to support! Drop us an email at info@onsidecontent.com.

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