Finally See All the Customers You’re Missing

When we talk about customer acquisition, it is usually focused on the ones that got away. They are the people we want to serve, but we haven’t made the right pitch yet. If we just gave our sales team more information. What about a better campaign? We know who they are. We just need to convince them more. Right?

Unfortunately, it misses what we aren’t aware of: The unknown customers.

It’s easy to get focused on the avatar, the ideal customer we’ve designed in our head. After all, it is the center of all our marketing, development, and research. We are committed.

But in today’s competitive economic environment, the riches are in the niches. Everyone has a tailored experience based on their needs, so getting all the potential customers in one fell swoop is unrealistic. Conversations are fragmented, platforms are isolated, and ideas hop from one bubble to the next bubble.

If you follow the old blueprint, then chances are extremely high you are leaving money on the table.

This new era of content marketing has three footsteps you can follow to new, unknown customers.

First, you can observe the content they consume. The way they get content may vary widely, but the topic, genre, and even style of the content is usually consistent. For example, a potential customer really into short-form business videos won’t care what platform it is on. The fragmentation doesn’t matter when you focus on the message rather than the medium. And with shared interest comes shared needs, ideally for your product or service.


Second, you can understand the searching they do. At Onside Content, we found this important enough to create two proprietary indices around it: The Likability Index and the Consideration Index. The Likability Index shows where audiences are most involved in topics related to your product or service. The Consideration Index shows where they are most curious. One represents current engagement, while the other represents what they are looking for next. What they see and what they seek is the next clue in new audience identification. 

Third, you can hear the feedback they gave that you missed. Your unknown customer may have come to your proverbial door – and maybe even knocked a few times – but you weren’t able to serve them in the way they needed at the time. The trail is in seeing your competitors getting significantly higher engagement with their content, even though your business covers the same topic. It is knowing your SEO is right on point, and the idea has lots of general interest, but the sales aren’t reflecting those metrics. It is focusing everything on the imaginary avatar and not widening your gaze enough to see the next potential customer base.

Fortunately, this new era also brings us better tools to see the hidden audiences all around us. How do we build interest among the new customer bases we can’t see yet? We just follow the data. 

And the invisible suddenly becomes visible.

Ready to upgrade your content marketing? Onside Content is your bridge between data-led insights and the untapped audience you seek. Using our proprietary technology, we can help you find, create, and lead the smartest conversations in your space with a bespoke content strategy. We’d love to support! Drop us an email at info@onsidecontent.com.

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